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Internet Broadcast Test

If you can see the player above, press the play button in the middle of the player and turn up the volume on your computer.

If you can see and hear the video above you are able to receive our live stream when the funeral service starts, if not see or hear, please refer to our troubleshooting section on the right.

Return to the broadcast page to watch the funeral service.


In order to receive any flash video, live or recorded, your computer needs to have the free flash player. Flash is a universal media player that will work with any operating system (MAC, PC, etc.). Its completely free and you don’t need to subscribe to any web sites.

Download the Player:

1. I can’t see the video player.

Solution – If you can’t see the player above then you are required to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

2. I can see the video player but there’s no sound.

Solution – Ensure you have sound on your computer or check to see that you have the volume turned up.

3. I can see the video but when I press play, the video keeps starting and stopping.

Solution – Your internet connection is a little slow. The greater the pause the slower your internet connection is. This can only be fixed by upgrading your service with your internet provider. You can try and speed up your connection by closing all other opened internet applications. You will still be able to view the webcast but the quality does depend on your internet speed.

4. I can see the video player but it keeps saying “stream not found” or the circle logo may continue to spin/loading.

Solution -There may be a temporary technical difficulty at our end or the live stream has not started, streaming starts approximately 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the funeral.

5. I have downloaded the latest version of Adobe Flash Player but it still doesn’t work.

Solution:you may just need to refresh your page. To do this Refresh your page now. If it still won’t work then the player did not install correctly. You may need to try and install it again.

For further information regarding this service please feel free contact us on 3852 1501.

The Alex Gow Super Puzzle Book

Alex Gow Funerals Puzzle Book SevenOur puzzle books are produced quarterly and each book is broken down into 3 separate months, so you can do as many puzzles as you want and the answers & solutions will always be available here for you to check just how clever you are.

Aged & Palliative Care Nursing Bursary

Alex Gow Funerals know everyone deserves the best of care possible.

With this in mind, and to assist those who work with our aged, Alex Gow Funerals has now created the Aged & Palliative Care Nursing Bursary.

Applications for the 2019 Bursary are open now!

Online pre-arrangement

online-funeral-arrangement-largePre-arrange your funeral online.

You may like to pre-arrange your funeral online.

Click here to start filling out your online pre-arrangement form.

You will also be able to print out your completed form for your own records.

Funeral planning

Funeral pre-planning bookletA helpful guide to funeral planning

For more information about the Alex Gow Funeral Planning Guide or to order your FREE copy, simply click here.

Alternatively you can chose to read the digital version here.

Consumer Funeral Insurance Advice

Consumer Funeral Insurance Advice for the old ladyWant to know more about funeral insurance?

People who commence pre-funding their funeral costs before the age of 56 can save literally thousands of dollars in funeral insurance premiums. Read more...


...still family-owned.


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