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Mt Gravatt Cemetery

A Brisbane City Council owned cemetery situated in the southern suburb of Nathan. The Mount Gravatt Cemetery opened in 1918. It sits amongst nearly 80 hectares of native bushland, alongside the Toohey State Forest. The cemetery offers burials in lawn beam and monumental sites. The cemetery serves the needs of Brisbane’s ethnic communities, with specialised religious and cultural sections including: Catholic, Chinese, Croatian, Jewish, Muslim, Russian, Serbian and Vietnamese.

The cemetery offers burials in lawn beam and monument sites.

For funeral and memorial services at Council cemeteries and crematoria, view the funeral and memorial service calendar.

Venue information and contact details

Mt Gravatt Cemetery location, office opening hours and visiting hours.
Location 582 Mains Road, Macgregor
Office opening hours Monday to Friday: 8am to 4pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: closed
Visiting hours Monday to Sunday: 6am to 6pm (gates are unlocked and locked each day)
Contact Contact Mount Gravatt Cemetery and Crematorium by:

  • phoning Council on 07 3403 8888
  • email.

Burial options

Mount Gravatt Cemetery offers a wide range of burial options, including:?

  • lawn beam – feature bronze, glass or steel plaques set on concrete or granite bases
  • monument – sites allow for grave surrounds and headstones like those in older cemeteries
  • ANZAC lawns – site allows for returned service personnel and their spouse only
  • below-ground vaults
  • above-ground vaults.

The following conditions apply for burials at Mount Gravatt Cemetery:

  • each grave site can accommodate up to three burials and ashes can also be interred in the grave
  • vault interment numbers depend on vault size
  • burial sites can be pre-purchased at today’s prices, or purchased as required
  • funeral services are can be held at the grave, in the cemetery chapel, or at a private church or facility.

You need to make an appointment to view available burial options at Mount Gravatt Cemetery. To request an appointment, contact the office by email.

Chapel services

It has a chapel which seats approximately 110 people with audio/visual facilities, a viewing room and an air conditioned catering facility.

Catering and reception facilities

Post-funeral catering and reception services are available.

Returned Service areas

The cemetery offers designated areas for Returned Service personnel and their spouse. This includes lawn graves and walls for ashes.

Locating graves and ashes memorial sites

Locating lawn graves and ashes memorial sites is relatively easy at Mount Gravatt Cemetery. The allotment number is marked on the bottom right of most plaques and they run in sequential order.

As the monument area is quite old, not all monuments are numbered. Numbering was introduced in the late 1900s. Council recommends you visit the cemetery during office hours for assistance and directions. Alternatively, contact the office by email to request a map. State the grave location detail, including the name of the deceased.

Not all graves have plaques or headstones. Keep this in mind when trying to locate a specific grave by number.

Download a map

The cemetery area map may help locate a site. It shows the portions, roads and buildings in the cemetery grounds. Within each portion, there may be hundreds or thousands of graves.

Download the map in your preferred format:


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