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What Does A Funeral Cost

Excellence in Service – Personal Family Care

Alex Gow Funerals philosophy of providing personal care extends from the moment we take your loved one into our care. We guarantee to continue that personal care at all times until our service to you is completed.

“Take your loved one into our care” are words used by every funeral director when talking to families. Unfortunately for some funeral companies the term “our care” is not always true.

When Alex Gow Funerals are called upon to transfer your loved one from the place of death into our care, we guarantee this task will be carried out by our own professional staff. We do not engage third party or contract transfer companies.

Your loved one is transferred into our care to our own mortuary facilities and we guarantee the careful preparation of your loved one will be carried out by our own fully trained and experienced mortuary staff. We do not use third party contract mortuaries or their staff.

We have our own fleet of fully maintained modern Funeral vehicles, we do not use Hire-a-Hearse companies.

Alex Gow Funerals are proud to be members of the Australian Funeral Directors Association and the Selected Independent Funeral Homes association. These associations have strict Codes of Ethics and Codes of Conduct and Good Practice which we must honour to continue our membership. Currently the funeral industry in Queensland is unregulated and unlicensed, so maintaining these memberships is an important way of continuing the trust the community have in our company.

The cost of a funeral can vary a lot and depends largely on the choices you make when creating a funeral befitting the person who has died.

Transparency is paramount when you plan a funeral with Alex Gow Funerals, each item you choose has the cost clearly shown, so you know exactly what you’re paying. This lets you not only create the type of funeral service you want but it allows you to make decisions based on your budget also. For a more accurate idea of what the funeral you would like to plan will cost please call us on 3851 7800 and make an appointment to meet with you in your own home or at one of our 4 offices situated across Brisbane.

The information in the Funeral Cost Table below will give you an approximate guide to some of the most common service combinations chosen by families we serve. These examples are based on funeral services where cremation has been chosen.

Funeral Cost Chart(PDF)

What does influence the cost?

  • Whether you choose cremation of burial.
  • If burial, is there the requirement to purchase a new grave or only to reopen an existing grave.
  • The choice of venue for the funeral service.
  • If the funeral is held on a weekday, weekend or a public holiday.
  • If choose to place a funeral notice in the newspaper, which newspaper you decide on and the length of the funeral notice.
  • Are you supplying order of service sheets and how many are required?
  • The type of coffin chosen. Materials, construction and finish will vary the cost.
  • Will there be a photo tribute audio visual and who will be preparing it?
  • Providing extra personnel for larger gatherings or alternate venues.
  • The size of the flower arrangement, type flowers chosen and from where they are supplied.
  • Whether you will be supplying catering for a wake after the service, the type of food and drink supplied and the number of people attending.
  • Quality of the facilities provided by your funeral director such as Chapel, Mortuary, vehicles and arranging rooms, some funeral directors have none of these.

Our commitments

Alex Gow Funerals has been providing funeral care to the families of south east Queensland for over a century. If you would like a more accurate idea of the cost for the type of funeral you would like, please call us on 3851 7800.

The Alex Gow Super Puzzle Book

Alex Gow Funerals Puzzle Book SevenOur puzzle books are produced quarterly and each book is broken down into 3 separate months, so you can do as many puzzles as you want and the answers & solutions will always be available here for you to check just how clever you are.

Alex Gow all-female funeral team

If you’d prefer an all-female funeral team, Alex Gow can do that too.

We always offer you a choice of all female funeral directors. Allowing your family to feel comfortable if they find it easier to discuss funeral arrangements with a woman. Our professional, caring female team are there to offer a funeral service that is truly fitting.

Online pre-arrangement

online-funeral-arrangement-largePre-arrange your funeral online.

You may like to pre-arrange your funeral online.

Click here to start filling out your online pre-arrangement form.

You will also be able to print out your completed form for your own records.

Funeral planning

Funeral pre-planning bookletA helpful guide to funeral planning

For more information about the Alex Gow Funeral Planning Guide or to order your FREE copy, simply click here.

Alternatively you can chose to read the digital version here.

Consumer Funeral Insurance Advice

Consumer Funeral Insurance Advice for the old ladyWant to know more about funeral insurance?

People who commence pre-funding their funeral costs before the age of 56 can save literally thousands of dollars in funeral insurance premiums. Read more...


...still family-owned.


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