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Why We Have Funerals

Why We Have Funerals

Humans have always searched for ways to celebrate and commemorate the lives of people that we have lost. Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs happen to be, a funeral is an important shared ritual and essential element of the mourning process. If you are in a situation where you are faced with making funeral arrangements, it can be useful to reflect on the practical and spiritual reasons why we have funerals. We hope that you find this information a useful resource and comfort during this challenging period of your life.

Coming to Terms with Reality

Accepting the finality of the death of a cherished person in your life is never easy. Your feelings of loss will never fully disappear, but the funeral ceremony offers a tangible way of coming to terms with this reality. The acceptance will first occur in our minds and eventually in our hearts.

Remembrance and the Evolution of Relationships

An important step in the mourning process involves transforming our relationship to the deceased from one of physical presence to one of memory. Funerals can facilitate this transformation, while also giving mourners the opportunity to see how the person’s life was meaningful to others.

Shared Solace and Support

Even if your dearly departed had expressed uncertainty or doubt about the necessity of a funeral, it is important to remember how a ceremony can help the bereaved. Any person who cared for the deceased will benefit from being able to share solace and support with their fellow mourners.

A Safe Space for Mourning

Grief is the word used to describe all the thoughts and feelings we have inside about the death of a loved one. Mourning is the active ritual of communicating these emotions in order to heal and reconcile our grief. Funerals give us a safe place to express these emotions through talking, crying, sharing memories or simply being in the presence of other mourners. In this way, shared mourning can help us avoid supressing our grief and becoming overwhelmed by sadness.

Reflecting on the Meaning of Life and Death

The death of a loved one can put a lot of difficult questions in our minds about the significance and meaning of life. There are never any simple answers to these kinds of questions. But a funeral can give us the time to deeply reflect on what the deceased person means to ourselves and others, as well as the value of our own lives, our religious beliefs, or our faiths.

Moving towards a Brighter Future

Attending a funeral can shine a light on what is truly precious in our lives. By placing the big life and death issues in the forefront of our minds, we are reminded of the importance of living with joy, gratitude and kindness every day.

Remember, funerals are a way of creating one final memory.

If you are planning a funeral and are not sure where to start, the experienced funeral directors at Alex Gow Funerals can give you the guidance and support you need. Please get in touch with our Brisbane office for caring and compassionate funeral planning services.

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