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Why livestreaming funerals is becoming normal

Our lives have changed in recent years; the global pandemic has driven many people to stay at home and avoid travel. Even as we return to a “new normal,” not everything has gone back to how it was. Life has slowed down, but it has not ceased. People must continue to work, communicate with their families, and study. To facilitate all of these activities, technology has proven to be an excellent tool. Funerals are no exception, with many funeral homes now offering live streaming options. At Alex Gow Funerals, we consider live streaming and digital communication a standard part of modern funeral services.

There are various advantages to live streaming funerals that go beyond the pandemic. Most funeral homes will continue to provide this service long after the pandemic is over.

Here’s a look at some reasons why:

Attending From a Distance  

Many people have missed a loved ones’ funerals due to travel restrictions throughout the pandemic, and even with restrictions lifting, people are still travelling less than ever before. Livestreaming is a terrific alternative because it allows people to share in the service, no matter where they are. They can join with family and friends, even if they are interstate or even abroad.

No Need For Delay

A benefit of live streaming is that you don’t have to wait for everyone to arrive for the funeral to start. Livestreams can be arranged to accommodate people living out of state or in different time zones. Delays may be necessary, but only for those who wish to be physically present at the service or have difficulties accessing live streaming. 

Saves Money 

Livestreaming the service means you can open the ceremony up to more friends and family virtually, while physically hosting less people in-person. A smaller service is often easier to organise, easing the stress on the family. Less visitors means less pressure to make accommodations, arrange transportation and the like. Live streaming ensures that no one misses the funeral because they are unable to attend owing to capacity difficulties or distance.

Alex Gow Funerals can easily include a live streaming package to your funeral service for no additional costs. These broadcasts are not available to the general public and may only be accessed by those who have been given the unique password by the family to ensure the service’s privacy is maintained.

If you’re interested in a live-streamed funeral service, get in touch with the team at Alex Gow and discuss potential funeral packages that could suit your needs and the wishes of your loved ones.

...still family-owned.


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