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Why Do We Have Funerals?

Funerals in Greater BrisbaneFuneral rituals have been practiced since time immemorial in almost every faith across the globe. Why? Funerals are symbolic rituals that help us remember and honour the life of the deceased and express our religious beliefs. But more than that, funerals are very important to our emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Some of the reasons we practice funeral rituals are:

To bring closure and support

Having a funeral does not necessarily ease the grief we feel after the loss of a loved one, but it does start us off on the pathway that helps us through the process. It’s important to mark the death of loved ones so that we can face the reality of their death. It’s also a chance to mourn for the deceased and come together with friends and family to offer support, consolation and strength to each other in a very difficult time.

To celebrate a life

As well as providing an emotional outlet and support to the bereaved, funerals are a means of celebrating the life of the deceased. Special tributes and memorials can take place, with the life of the individual celebrated, honoured and respected. People often remark upon the individual’s talents, interests, hobbies and relationships in a eulogy to pay homage to their loved one and honour their life.

For religious closure

In some belief systems, a funeral is a send-off of the soul into the afterlife. Whether through a special blessing, sermon, burial or cremation, the funeral can be a milestone on their religious journey and serve as a symbol for sending the deceased or their soul into the afterlife.

To say goodbye

It’s important for the friends and family of the individual to be able to say goodbye. Without a funeral, some find it hard navigating through the grief – it can be difficult for us to carry on living an ordinary life when someone close to us dies. A funeral is a way to say goodbye and to acknowledge a significant loss and change in our life’s journey. It allows us to reflect on the impact their life had on ours.

To move on

A funeral is a turning point at which we acknowledge our loss. While the grief remains, we know that after this turning point we can begin to rebuild our lives and develop a new self-identity. If the individual who has passed away is a close family member or friend, it’s like that familial and social roles within the family and friendship group will start to change. Having a funeral is a way to acknowledge the new roles of those left behind and is a landmark from which they can move into their new roles.

For more information about funeral services, or to book a funeral in the Greater Brisbane area, please don’t hesitate to contact the caring staff at Alex Gow Funerals in Brisbane. Alex Gow Funerals was the first provider of funeral services in Brisbane and has been serving the Greater Brisbane area since 1840. Call us on (07) 3073 4817 for enquiries.

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