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What Happens at a Crematorium?

Cremations are becoming more and more popular for funeral services for a number of reasons. Cremation ashes take up less space and the funeral services are generally less expensive than a burial. As local funeral directors in Brisbane, Alex Gow Funerals are available to help with either type of funeral ceremony. To help you make a more informed decision about your funeral service, we’re here to provide some more information about cremation.

Man holding urn with cremated remains at crematorium ceremony

What Happens on the Day of the Funeral?

When you arrive at the crematorium for the funeral service most times the coffin will already have been placed on the catafalque, which is a raised and decorated platform. The mourners will then enter the chapel close to service time.

The funeral service can be either religious or secular, depending on your choosing. At the end of the service is the committal of the body and the coffin then disappears from view. Depending on which crematorium you are attending, the coffin may be obscured from view by curtains, or sometimes it is lowered from sight or withdrawn from a gateway.

The time allowed for a funeral at a crematorium is only about 20 to 30 minutes.

Make sure to contact your local funeral director if you think that you may need some extra time to go through the ceremony and service.

What Happens to the Coffin?

Once the funeral service has finished, the coffin or casket is withdrawn into a committal room. Whoever is working at the crematorium will check the nameplate of the coffin so that the right identity is ensured. The coffin will be labelled with a card with all the relevant information, this card along with the coffin nameplate will stay with the body until the final removal of the cremation ashes. The coffin and body go into the cremator, a small cubicle that allows for one coffin to fit at a time.

The cremation usually takes place the same day as the ceremony.

Can You Watch the Cremation?

For the most part, crematoriums will allow a small number of relatives and friends to witness the cremation for a small fee.

What Happens to the Remains?

The remains are placed on a cooling tray and any metals are removed. They are then transferred to a processor to reduce the bone fragments to a fine granule-type consistency, which is called bone ash. Depending on the schedule of the crematorium, you can collect the ashes 48 hours after the cremation. The ashes will be given to you in a standard container unless you have paid for and provided a decorative cremation urn.

If you would like a funeral director to assist you with your cremation ceremony, contact Alex Gow Funerals. We have been helping families in Queensland create meaningful tributes to their loved ones since 1840. If you require assistance with funeral arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us or call our Brisbane head office on 07 3073 4816. We also have an online pre-arrangement form you can fill out.

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