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Understanding Funeral Planning


A lot of people confuse Funeral Planning and Funeral Pre-planning, but they aren’t that different, with timing being the main variant. 

Funeral Planning generally relates to loss of life, usually recent, but sometimes imminent.

To put it simply, if mum or dad has just passed away or the doctor has suggested that they may only have a short time left, you need to start planning for the funeral.

Funeral Pre-Planning is generally done by someone who is looking to ensure they get the funeral THEY want, rather than leave it to others to decide. This can be done at any age and is generally seen as a great way of removing the burden from your loved ones. With the optioning of pre-paying at today’s rates, it also saves money as cost can only increase over years.


So, what is involved in funeral planning?

Basically, if a family member has died (or is close to death) someone from the family needs to step in to start the funeral planning & funeral arrangement processes. This may be the surviving partner, oldest child or even a trusted relative or friend. In many cases, this person may be nominated in the Will as the Executor and has a role to prepare everything so that the person can be buried or cremated in accordance with their wishes. If the deceased has not left any specific wishes, or appointed an Executor’s, the next of kin can communicate with family and determine what might be the most fitting funeral service for that person.


Once the person has passed, it is a good time to be talking to the funeral director. If you live in South-East Queensland calling 3851 7800 will give you immediate access to Queensland’s oldest and most respected funeral home, Alex Gow Funerals.

The funeral home will appoint a highly qualified caring Funeral Director to work closely with you to gather all the necessary information to collect the deceased, transfer them into professional care and arrange a Death Certificate.

Remember this can be done at either of our 4 Brisbane Funeral Home locations or in the comfort of your home where you can have family members nearby.


You can then start the process of planning the funeral. 

This will include:

  • deciding on a burial or cremation,
  • selecting a suitable location, 
  • choosing a coffin and flowers,
  • gathering history, photos, and favorite music to be played,
  • selecting who might lead the service,
  • preparation of the eulogy, 
  • considering who to invite,
  • and perhaps a personalized order of service that attendees can follow along with and take home as a valuable memory.


In essence you are tailoring the funeral service to best suit the person who has passed on. The best feedback you can receive after a funeral is “They would have really loved what you have done today”.

Remember, there is no rush. The funeral is a very important part of your grieving. It is a time when you can come together as a group to remember and honour a special life. It is better to plan well and make sure the arrangements meet your family’s needs. 

Take your time and ask as many questions as you need.


Your Alex Gow Funeral Directors in Brisbane can also guide you through important information like Who to Notify and What is required by Law.


We are here to help you create the very best funeral possible.


More information can be sourced at https://www.alexgowfunerals.com.au/planning-the-funeral/

If you are interested in Pre-arranging your own funeral, this page has lots of great information  https://www.alexgowfunerals.com.au/funeral-pre-planning/


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