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Steps You Should Take When a Death Occurs

What to Do When Someone DiesCoping with the loss of a dearly loved family member or friend is always a traumatic experience for those of us left behind. Often times, the bereaved are in shock, highly emotional and simply do not know the right steps to take.

When a person passes either unexpectedly or after a long illness, this confusion and uncertainty can add to the anguish of family and friends.

Questions of who to call, what authorities should be notified and when to start arrangements for the funeral can be too much for those who are suffering from the sudden impact of grief.

By having the correct information at hand, families and friends will be able to take action without adding further stress to an already difficult situation.

On this page, you can find a brief outline of what to do when faced with the death of a loved one. We hope that this information will make the process of dealing with sudden or expected loss a little clearer.

If Your Loved One Has Died from Natural Causes

The absolute first thing that a person must do when someone has died is to give themselves some time to compose their emotions before contacting anybody.

Once you feel reasonably settled, we suggest you contact a friend or family member to inform them of the news and to let them know you are okay. In the case of a person dying from natural causes at home, the first step to take is to notify their doctor immediately.

If a doctor is unavailable, we suggest calling an ambulance. This will instigate the process of obtaining a death certificate, which is needed to begin funeral proceedings. In the case of a person passing away in a hospital, hospice or nursing home, the staff on hand should take care of all formalities.

If Your Loved One Has Died from Non-natural Causes

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident or a crime can be shocking and disturbing for all involved. If a person has died as the result of an unnatural cause, the very first call should be to notify either the police or an ambulance or both.

In all cases of non-natural death, the coroner must be notified, a task performed by the police. This also applies when a person is in good health and passes away suddenly.

When to Begin Making Funeral Arrangements

Whatever the cause of death may be, it is important to realise that you are always free to use the funeral director of your choice. The process of making funeral arrangements can be started at any time, you do not need to rush into things immediately.

Usually, the person named as executor in the will is responsible for the funeral planning. If there is no will, then this will usually fall to the next of kin or another family member or close friend.

The friendly staff at Alex Gow Funerals are always available to offer you compassionate support and the help you need during these difficult times. Please call our Brisbane office if you require assistance or more information.

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