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Honouring Your Loved One: Creative Memorial Ideas to Celebrate a Life


Losing someone close leaves a painful void, yet it is important to find ways to honour their memory that can bring comfort and help the healing process. Rather than viewing funerals as solely matters of grief, many people are looking at creative memorial options that allow us to celebrate and remember a cherished life in a truly meaningful and uplifting way.


As a Brisbane funeral home with over 180 years of experience serving our community, Alex Gow Funerals understands the value of meaningful tributes. We want to share some unique memorial ideas that can help you remember your loved one through both tradition and creativity.

Plant a Memorial Tree or Garden

Planting a living, growing tree or beautiful garden in remembrance of your loved one allows for a lasting living memorial. As flowers and plants continue thriving every season, it serves as a symbol of renewal and enduring life emerging from sadness. Dedicating a special space within your own garden provides lasting peace, letting you quietly reflect amidst nature’s beauty honouring their memory for years to come. Alternatively, if you are limited for space where you live, these can sometimes be done on public lands or within parks but contact your local authorities first to see if it’s OK. It’s a small but meaningful way to remember a loved one through life’s renewal.

Donate to Charity

While traditional flowers are temporary, honouring your loved one through a charitable donation dedicated to causes important to them allows their legacy to live on through ongoing impact. By making a meaningful contribution in their name to organisations reflecting their values and passions, whether supporting medical research, poverty relief or environmental protection, you celebrate what mattered most to them. Request a card from the charity acknowledging this thoughtful gift as a way to remember their compassion. This not only provides some comfort through paying tribute but continues their kindness by aiding others long after they have passed.

Memorial Bench or Plaque

Having a personalised memorial bench or plaque placed in a special location your loved one found meaningful, such as a favourite park or scenic spot, allows you a place to visit them peacefully. Sitting upon or near an engraved bench memorial surrounded by nature provides quiet reflection. Councils and gardens sometimes offer customised commemorative benches where a small plaque can be inscribed with their name and dates as well as a dedicated message, inspirational saying or photo to be forever remembered in that special place. It gives both solace and keeps their memory eternally connected to places filled with happy memories.

Memory Quilt or Photo Collage

Creating a beautiful memory quilt or photo collage allows cherished moments to be forever preserved while providing comfort. Loving hands can skilfully stitch together mementos, letters, photos and other treasured memories to envelope in a quilt for cuddling. Alternatively, a large digital display can present a slideshow of happy times in a photo montage set to meaningful music. Copies framed for homes or additional prints distributed among family and close friends gives all a chance to reflect on happier days during difficult times. Sharing joyous lifetime memories provides solace and keeps them close to the heart always.

Memory Box or Scrapbook

Lovingly assembling meaningful mementos such as photos, cards, letters, ticket stubs and treasured trinkets from their life into a special box allows both preserving and enjoying happy memories of your time together. Alternatively, creating an organised scrapbook chronicling your loved one’s story from beginning to end through pictures and documentation of important events, accomplishments and milestones will help share their legacy with generations to come. Displaying the finished memory box or open scrapbook provides solace, sparking joy as loved ones reflect on joyous times past. It ensures their lifetime of memories survives and continues bringing comfort for years ahead.

Memorial Slideshow

Honouring your loved one with a touching memorial slideshow allows sharing precious moments from their life. By compiling treasured photographs and video clips set to their favourite songs, a professional digital tribute can be created. Screening it at the memorial service or sharing the file online gives everyone a chance to reminisce with smiles instead of just tears. Saving the digital file privately gives comfort, allowing intimate replays whenever missing them most. Subtly bringing loved ones together through viewing happy memories provides solace in celebrating how they touched your heart and brought joy to the world through a creative tribute that will survive for years to come.


Alex Gow Funerals have been honoured to serve the people of this region for over 180 years. In that time, we have seen Brisbane and Southeast Queensland become home to individuals and communities from all over the world, each bringing their own rich cultural heritage. We recognize that end of life traditions are as diverse as the communities that call this area home. 

Our extensive experience means we deeply respect the variety of religious faiths and cultural practices within the communities we serve. Whether Indigenous customs, spiritual rites or personal memorial wishes, we strive to cater to each individual’s unique needs and circumstances.


No matter your background or beliefs, Alex Gow Funerals aims to guide you towards a personalised celebration honouring your loved one’s life and your family’s values. Contact us on (07) 3851 7800 to discuss your requirements. Our caring team looks forward to drawing on our long history of serving this region to assist you during this difficult time.


...still family-owned.


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