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Funeral Planning for Different Religious and Cultural Traditions

Funeral traditions and requirements can vary greatly depending on one’s religious beliefs or cultural background. At Alex Gow Funerals, we understand the importance of respecting different traditions and working with families to plan a funeral service that honours their loved one’s faith or heritage.

For over 180 years, our family-owned funeral home has served the diverse, multicultural community of Brisbane. In that time, we have successfully worked with people from every culture to celebrate end of life ceremonies in a way that is intended and respectful to their beliefs and customs. Some of the most common religious and cultural traditions we assist families with include:

Catholic/Christian Funerals:

Many Christian denominations have specific rituals and masses that are part of the funeral planning process. This includes choosing church, clergy, readings, music, or viewing or options. We are well-versed in all Catholic and mainstream Christian funeral rites.

Buddhist Funerals: 

Simplicity and minimalism are hallmarks of traditional Buddhist funerals. The body is never embalmed or displayed. Prayer services and cremation are common. Our team can accommodate all aspects of Buddhist last rites.

Hindu Funerals: 

Hindus believe the soul’s journey continues after death, so the body is never embalmed. Preparation of the body is usually done at home and the cremation is arranged to occur within 48hours. Ritual purification, prayers and gifting fruit to the deceased are respected.

A memorial ceremony if often held 10 days later.

Jewish Funerals: 

Burial is usually within 24 hours to preserve the body’s dignity. Ritual washing and shrouding by family is often included. We ensure all Jewish burial laws and mourning customs are followed to the best of our ability, including supplying metal-free special coffins to Jewish standards.

Muslim Funerals: 

Islam prescribes burial within 24 hours to allow the soul’s transition. The body is washed by family in plain water and faced towards Mecca in the grave. Our team can accommodate all elements of Islamic funeral rites, to ensure that all cultural nuances are respected in their end-of-life ceremony.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander: 

Indigenous funeral rites focus on connecting the deceased’s spirit to country and culture. We can accommodate smoking ceremonies, assist in arranging burial on traditional lands and participation by local Elders.

Asian & Pacific Islander Funerals: 

Traditions from India, China, Japan, Vietnam, and the Pacific Islands vary greatly. From elaborate alter settings to specific musical choices and visualisation of the afterlife journey, we can accommodate and respect your customs.


No matter your religious or cultural preferences, our caring team works closely with families to arrange every detail according to traditions and customs. With 4 locations in South East Queensland, we have served Brisbane’s diverse communities by accommodating each faith and heritage with equal dedication.

At Alex Gow Funerals, our commitment is to continue our family’s reputation for providing excellent service in Brisbane. Contact us today on (07) 3851 7800 to discuss planning a meaningful ceremony that honours your loved one’s religious or cultural traditions. Our funeral directors are available anytime to answer questions and assist with arrangements.


...still family-owned.


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