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Customer feedback is always so valuable

“Sometimes it is the customer feedback you get that reassures you that you are doing things right” – Brett Gow, Managing Director

We wanted to share this as an example of the positive feedback we get from customers. It highlights the extent our staff go to, to ensure the families we help, get through the whole funeral process with the least stress possible.

Fiona Edmunds – ‘The most amazing, respectful service you could imagine’.

From the moment I made contact with Alex Gow’s Deception Bay funeral director, Suellen, I was supported with compassion, empathy and gentle guidance.

Suellen arranged for the respectful removal and management of my mother-in-law’s body, after her passing, and facilitated (in what can only be described as an extremely distressful and emotionally exhaustive time) an entirely gracious space for the grieving and bereavement process for all of my husband’s family.

The passing of my mother in law, in the immediate prelude to Christmas, was an added pressure to the burden of emotional and financial stress upon my husband and I – we were so completely grateful for the 30 day contract window which Alex Gow makes available to ALL families when encountering and entering into funeral expenses .. an added layer of ‘peace of mind’ for grieving families; most especially from a fiscal perspective, as it pertains to lodging claims via funeral insurance policies ie the release of policy funds may not always be as immediate, nor as streamlined, as one is led to believe.

[On this note, if you are the holder of an Enduring Power of Attorney:

– did you know that your rights as EPOA cease, without exception, immediately, upon the passing of your loved one?
– please ensure you are also the Executor / Co-Executor of your loved one’s Will (please ensure they have a Will and don’t pass intestate – free Will making services are available via The Public Trustee of Queensland)!
– please ensure you are the *named/nominated* beneficiary of the Funeral Insurance Cover Policy so that you can make a claim, immediately and without issue, against the policy fund for the purposes of payment of the associated funeral and other expenses!
– please ensure you have copies of all original paperwork in relation to Personal Letter of Wishes, Will and Funeral Insurance Policy (as well as Proof of ID Forms including Drivers License, Passport and associated support materials such as financial institutions, medicare etc) in the case of an unforeseen event such as last minute, unusual or suspect changes to a funeral insurance policy.

I would hate for another person to undergo the additional distress we encountered due to an absolutely questionable, and entirely unpredictable, change to the nominated beneficiary of the insurance policy funds having been made but 5 days prior to the passing of my ill mother-in-law.

Upon being advised of the compromise to our financial position (and acknowledging our legal obligations to the financial contract we engaged in with Alex Gow, in my husband’s capacity as EPOA) we made contact with Roz, who is the operations manager for Alex Gow, based at Newstead in order to discuss payment options with her. Roz was beyond fantastic in her understanding of our situation and her empathy for our position.

What would otherwise have been an additionally devastating financial blow to my husband and I, has thankfully, and with the amazing assistance of Roz, in addition to Suellen, resolved without issue.

Alex Gow – I will always recommend your company because of your phenomenal staff and supreme service to others during their time of need.

You have an amazing Team of People!

I thank you, sincerely. Fiona

...still family-owned.


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