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Bringing Loved Ones Home: A Guide to Repatriation with Alex Gow Funerals

The world is a vast and beautiful place, and with increased travel opportunities, many Australians, especially our seniors, are venturing overseas for adventures. However, unexpected situations can arise, and in the heartbreaking event of a loved one passing away abroad, Alex Gow Funerals is here to guide you through the repatriation process.

What is Repatriation?

Repatriation refers to the dignified return of human remains from a foreign country to the deceased’s home nation. At Alex Gow Funerals, with our extensive experience dating back to 1840, we understand the emotional turmoil that comes with such a loss, and we are here to ensure a seamless and respectful repatriation process, allowing you to focus on grieving and celebrating your loved one’s life.

Why Choose Alex Gow Funerals for Repatriation?

Here at Alex Gow Funerals, we understand the complexities of international repatriation. Our dedicated team will handle every aspect of the process, ensuring all legal requirements and logistics are met with the utmost care.

Experience and Expertise

With over 170 years of serving the Brisbane community, we have the knowledge and experience to navigate the legalities and cultural sensitivities involved in repatriation.

Embalming According to Australian Standards

We ensure proper embalming is performed to meet Australian regulations, allowing for the safe transportation of your loved one.

Supervision and Collection

Our team will oversee the entire process, liaising with international funeral homes and authorities. Upon arrival in Australia, we will collect your loved one and ensure they are prepared for the chosen final arrangements.

Nationwide Repatriation

Repatriation services are not limited to overseas deaths. If a Queenslander passes away while travelling domestically, we can also facilitate their return home, ensuring their final wishes and family memorials can be carried out.


Importance of Pre-Planning, Especially for Travellers with Health Issues

For those with pre-existing health conditions who enjoy travelling, pre-planning your funeral arrangements can provide peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. Having a plan in place can expedite the repatriation process and ensure your wishes are honoured in the event of an unexpected situation.

Here at Alex Gow Funerals, we offer comprehensive pre-planning consultations to discuss your wishes and guide you through the process.

Here to Help You Through Every Step

The loss of a loved one is a deeply personal experience, and when it happens abroad, the additional complexities can feel overwhelming. At Alex Gow Funerals, our Brisbane-based, family-owned team understands the importance of respect and compassion during this difficult time. We are here to support you with every step of the repatriation process, allowing you to focus on healing and remembering your loved one.

If you have any questions or require assistance with repatriation, please don’t hesitate to contact Alex Gow Funerals at (07) 3851 7800. We are here to help navigate you through this sensitive process.


...still family-owned.


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