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5 creative ways to eternalise your loved ones’ ashes!

We all have our own ways of keeping the memory of our loved ones close after they pass away but deciding on exactly what to do with their ashes to honour and remember them can be a little bewildering. The staff at Alex Gow Funerals are very experienced in this area of memorialisation and always happy to discuss your options but here are a few new ideas.

1. Put their Ashes on Vinyl 

Is there a song that instantly brings back memories of your loved one, perhaps a song they were madly in love with? Then think about putting their ashes on a vinyl record. They press the ashes into the vinyl when making the record. So, while they are visible on the record, they have no effect on its playability. Instead, it incorporates a bit of your loved one into a piece of music you can hold dear. For more information check out And Vinyl

2. Eternalise their Ashes in Jewellery

To keep your loved one close to your heart, consider transforming their ashes into a piece of jewellery. Many Australian suppliers make a wide range of keepsake jewellery, from earrings and necklaces to rings and pendants. These jewellers specialise in creating a piece that is both beautiful and well-crafted, protecting your loved one’s ashes from contaminants, like an urn would. For more information on the process involved and the type of jewellery available checkout Keepsake Jewellery

3. Return their Ashes to Nature

Allow your loved one to return to nature by planting a tree with the ever-popular concept of tree urns. These ‘living urns’ allow your loved one’s memory to live on and provide you with a place to remember them. This is also an environmentally friendly way to dispose of the ashes.

For more information go to The Living Urn

4. Send their Ashes to the stars

Was your loved one obsessed with the beauty of the night sky? Perhaps the idea of the vastness of the infinite cosmos? Maybe they even dreamed of spending time up in those beautiful stars as many humans before them. Well, now you can bring them closer to their dream than ever before by sending their ashes into space. This unique way to honour their life launches a symbolic portion of ashes into near-space or beyond, truly setting your loved one free amongst the vastness of the cosmos.

For more information go to Celestis

5. From Ashes to Ink

Getting your loved one’s ashes turned into a tattoo is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular. It is one way to ensure that your loved one will be with you forever. By using their ashes to create a tattoo, you’re making them a part of you.  Ashes are mixed with the ink in cremation tattoos to create something incredibly unique, and deeply personal to help memorialise your loved one.


There are more and more unique things to do with a loved one’s ashes as cremations surpass burials in popularity in Australia. This list only includes a handful of the options you could consider, and that’s not to mention the classic scattering.


If you specified in your will that you wanted to be cremated, you could also state what you want to be done with your ashes. Writing a will is the best way to guarantee your wishes are carried out if you have an idea of how you want to be remembered by your loved ones.

If you need advice in writing your will or any general advice regarding funeral planning feel free to reach out to experts at Alex Gow today.


...still family-owned.


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