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Why do people request outdoor funerals?

An outdoor funeral service is a fitting memorial for someone who enjoys being outside. Some of our own facilities have outdoor funeral areas within the memorial gardens but we can also do these at your favorite park, beach, farm or retreat as long as we can get permission. We may host an outdoor funeral ceremony on our grounds, weather allowing, in a natural setting.

Outdoor funerals in Queensland are a dignified and respectful way to say farewell to a loved one. The tranquil surroundings and healing force of nature create a magnificent setting for a fitting funeral service. Call us today to discuss your loved one’s preferences and learn more about the funeral options we provide.

Why would you choose an Outdoor Funeral?

The days when the only appropriate funeral was inside a religious building have long gone. In today’s diverse society, a growing number of people are planning their end-of-life ceremonies to reflect their individual wishes and beliefs. 

Outdoor ceremonies are popular since there are few restrictions on the number of guests. Larger events are sometimes simpler to accommodate outside. An outdoor ceremony appeals to many individuals because of its simplicity and natural beauty.

People who have always spent a lot of time outside prefer the thought of conducting their funeral in the open air. Many people prefer an outdoor funeral because it is more secular. Outdoor funerals are adaptable events that can range from a formal end-of-life ceremony to a casual celebration of the deceased. They can be modified to meet your individual needs.

What if it Rains or an Act of God Occurs?

Working with an experienced team of funeral directors, such as Alex Gow Funerals, ensures that in the event of bad weather, you will have a variety of backup plans to ensure that your ceremony takes place. Backup preparations can range from postponing the funeral to holding it in an alternative indoor venue, the choice remains with the deceased’s family.

Who Is An Outdoor Funeral Suitable For?

Certainly anyone! Nature’s beauty and soothing atmosphere create a loving environment for any end-of-life ritual.

Can a religious ceremony be conducted outside?

Outdoor funerals and secular end-of-life ceremonies are open to all denominations and religious celebrations. While some religions may have specific guidelines for funeral services and burials, we believe that everyone is welcome to join in an outdoor funeral ritual.

I want a humanist ceremony; can I have one with an outdoor funeral?

Yes! We accept secular end-of-life celebrations, as previously stated. We are happy to assist you with all additional funeral ceremony arrangements if you desire to utilise a humanist officiator for your service.

...still family-owned.


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